(Please note prices may change in these packets without notice.)

How does the service work?

We are able to take orders Monday thru Wednesday from 8:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. We deliver groceries Tuesday thru Thursday starting at 9:30 a.m. A 24-hour notice is required for delivery of an order. An example of this would be an order placed on Monday could be delivered on Tuesday at the earliest. As always you can tell us which day you would like your order, otherwise we will assume the next day. To place an order, simply call the home delivery line at the store 674-0171, and someone will direct you accordingly.

Due to the time involved in taking, placing, and delivering an order, a nominal service charge of $9.00 will be added to any order inside of West Peoria. Orders delivered in the city of Peoria run $12.00. Cities outside of Peoria will be charged $16.00, a few examples of these are Dunlap, Hanna City, and East Peoria.

We ask that you try to order a minimum of $30.00 dollars in groceries. This is simply a number to come close to; this allows us to refuse an order for a gallon of milk or a loaf of bread.

The delivery person will not be carrying cash. Checks are the preferred method of payment. Please tell the person on the phone what your method of payment will be. If cash is your only option, I’m sure that something can be worked out. Illinois Link, Visa, or MasterCard credit cards can also be used.

What happens after I place my order?

After your order is placed, it is taken to the personal shopper. There is only one person that picks your grocery order every week, this helps limit confusion on what it is you are ordering. Any items you order from our perishable departments are noted and turned over to the different department heads. A produce manager will select your produce, your meat will be cut fresh by the meat cutter the morning of your delivery, and your deli order will be filled immediately before delivery. You have our personal guarantee that your order will be filled with nothing but the freshest products we have to offer.

How do our prices compare?

Our customers find that our prices are very competitive with other big box retailers. Our delivery customers pay the same price for their items as the customers that walk through our door. We also delivery the following weeks ad flyer each week to delivery customers with their orders. You can also be added to our mailing list to receive our ad flyer mailed to you if you do not receive an order weekly. This allows our delivery customer enjoy the same great deals as do our in store customers.

Who are the people running this service?

With any service where people come into your home, people need to feel comfortable with them. Seniors are especially concerned with who comes and goes. This is why Haddad’s delivery service is a senior run program  “run by seniors for seniors” as we like to say.

Cindi-”The Home Delivery Coordinator”

Cindi has been working for Haddad’s for 5 years. She’s been a personal shopper for friends and family for many years prior to working for us. She started out as just the personal shopper, but has stepped up to fill the position as the Home Delivery Coordinator by taking orders as well. She is the friendly voice many of our customers have come to know on the phone in recent years.  She is a very detail oriented person that prides herself in making sure you get exactly what you order. Also, she is not afraid to ask questions or pick up the phone to clarify an item you are ordering.


John- “ The Delivery Driver”

John has been with us since 2011. A customer of the market, John saw what we were doing and ask to be involved. He enjoys meeting people and helping them with there needs. Rain or shine John delivers your groceries in a timely manner, making sure to meet your requested time and date. If you need any of your items opened, softener salt placed in the basement or anything else, John is glad to help.


Mark  -”The Boss”

Mark is the owner and operator of Haddad’s. The youngest of the crew, it was his vision of a need to better serve our senior customers, that brought about the delivery program here at Haddad’s. Running the program himself for the first year, Mark learned first hand the needs of his delivery customers. One of the lessons learned was the need to find friendly and committed employees to serve our customers. They needed to be constant, not someone who would come and go from week to week.

Ann (Store Manager), Mark L.(Grocery)-,  Jim H. (Produce), John P. (Meat) Marilyn (Bakery), and Leeann (Deli)-“The Department Heads”

With a combined grocery experience of over one hundred years, the department heads have the know how to make sure you get the freshest highest quality products they have to offer. They are not your twenty something clerk, this group of managers have the experience to answer any question you may ask or fill any request you may need.