Welcome to the meat department at Haddad’s Market. In this department you will find fresh meat, fish, and poultry.  At Haddad’s we pride ourselves on quality and service. Our chicken is cut fresh daily, never frozen. You can taste the difference. USDA choice or better is the only beef we cut. Many stores sell USDA select for the same price as our choice cuts and again there is a difference you can taste. At the holidays our fresh Norbest turkeys are second to none in taste.

We are a member of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union with a combined experience in meat cutting of 80+ years. We know our meat products and will gladly take the time to answer any questions you may have about preparation and cooking, or if you just want a suggestion on dinner. We are here to help.

Hello, we are John, and Dave, and we would like to welcome you to the meat department page. We have a large assortment of products for you to choose from, all cut fresh daily. Needing something special cut? We are more than happy to help you out.

Our meat department has a direct view of the front door and customers have been greeted with a warm hello, or a joking jab for years. It amazes many new customers just how many people these guys know. All have worked at small independent stores and understand the importance of “getting to know your customers”.

A few of our meat vendors:

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